Reportage is published by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism which is part of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Reportage will accept articles and photojournalism from journalists who do not have a connection with UTS, providing the work is of a professional standard and produced according to the International Federation of Journalists or Australian Journalists’ Association Code of Ethics.

Reportage will accept stories on a wide range of topics. We aim to fill gaps in news agendas. We have both an Australian and an international focus and will accept short or long stories. We publish news, as well as features. All work will carry a date of publication and be archived. We will link to or publish whole websites, indeed we are interested in experimenting with new ways of telling stories on the web. Because UTS staff and students have an interest in social research and theory, we have a place for research, analysis and opinion.

We will publish work produced according to conventional mainstream standards, as well as more innovative, experimental work. The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism’s mission is to promote investigative journalism, so we are particularly interested in receiving in-depth probing pieces, which have not been published elsewhere. Where pieces have been published in small hard copy outlets, we will consider republishing them to a different or wider audience.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and currently receive no advertising income. We therefore, unfortunately, are unable to pay for work submitted. However, through the creditable name Reportage (our media bulletin in hard copy was produced between 1994 and 1997) built up over the years, and the high standard of the journalism we produce, work published will be highly regarded by the public.

Any work submitted may be edited for clarity, style or legal reasons. Our editing process usually involves fact checking so retain all your research material and notebooks. Submitting a story to Reportage will be taken as an acknowledgment of our right to edit original copy. Providing you include sufficient details, we will endeavour to return the final copy prior to publication for your consent. However this may not always be possible due to publication deadlines.

Contributors retain copyright of their work for the purposes of further publication.

Reportage will not publish multimedia work containing copyrighted music, images or video, unless the submission includes the express permission of the copyright holder. Re-published work under creative commons requires a link to the original source for verification.

Before sending your work through, please ensure your work complies with the style guide.



Written articles can be submitted through e-mail as a word document (.doc please, no .docx) to Though we will accept stories without images, all written articles should be accompanied by a picture if possible. If you want hyperlinks in your text, please submit the work as a .txt file with the correct html syntax.

Opinion articles must be relevant, well-researched and topical. Length of articles is flexible.

Style guide coming soon.


Please contact us at We’ll require a one paragraph description of the story with your email, as well as photo captions.


Audio should be submitted as a 128 kbps mp3 file. Please retain your original editing files, as you may be asked to re-edit the audio before publication. Audio can be emailed to if the file is less than 5 mb in size. Otherwise, please upload the file to a free file hosting site like mediafire or sendspace, and then email the download link to

Please provide a one paragraph description of the story with your email.


Export your video in a format suitable for YouTube, and then upload via our YouTube Direct service below. Please send a one paragraph description for your video to


Soundslides audio should be 128 kbps mp3. Soundslides style should be without headline (we add in a standfirst and headline above the player) and set to autoplay. Please compress the “publish to web” soundslides folder as a .zip or .rar file and upload the file to a free file hosting site like mediafire or sendspace, and then email the download link to

Please provide a one paragraph description of the story with your email.

Other multimedia/interactive websites

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