• Racial discrimination continues despite ethnically diverse population

    Australia might be an ethnically diverse country but discrimination in the workplace on grounds of race or ethnicity continues to occur. One fifth of all complaints to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board concern race or racial vilification, however as Talia Katz finds out, even this substantial figure appears to be conservative.

  • Locals concerned over Redfern-Waterloo revitalisation

    With intense demand for convenient inner-city living, Sydney’s Redfern and neighbouring Waterloo are getting a facelift. Downsizing public housing blocks and increasing private tenancies is a top priority for the overseeing Redfern-Waterloo Authority, but are its proposed changes in the interests of the local community? Annabel Boyer reports.

  • Send in the tanks

    In a federal election year, Australia’s highly influential body of think tanks are in overdrive, swaying opinions across the whole spectrum of political ideology. Andrew Cleary takes a look at some of the country’s most prominent think tanks and their new competition.

  • Cuts ahead for Aboriginal housing

    A new radical plan proposed by the Federal Government could see a strain on funding for Aboriginal housing. David Ramli reports.

  • Indigenous health: the solvable humanitarian crisis

    Oxfam Australia’s report The Gap Must Be Closed into indigenous health conditions in Australia found that Australia’s indigenous population is significantly worse off than the rest of the Australian population as well as in comparison to Indigenous populations in comparable western nations. Georgina Wheadon takes a look at the humanitarian crisis that’s right under our nose.

  • Australia warms to change in the renewable energy debate

    The concern of climate change has finally got the world’s attention, and this new hot button issue hasn’t slipped by our politicians. While the Australian Government is beginning to invest in renewable energy sources, is it a case of too little too late? Andrew Cleary reports.


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