• Sydneysiders welcome refugees

    Sydneysiders welcome refugees

    In the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis, Sydneysiders have gathered outside of Town Hall to show their support for asylum seekers, as Angela Antenero reports.

  • “Disguised ag-gag bill” passes NSW parliament

    A NSW pig farmer feeds his pigs. Photo: Flickr. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

    The 2015 Biosecurity bill has divided opinions, with farmers saying it will protect their vulnerable industry and animal activists claiming it will gag whistleblowers. Kenji Sato reports.

  • Rural rut: country towns in recession

    Rural rut: country towns in recession

    As Sydney’s population steadily increases, regional NSW’s population is plunging into decline. People are deserting country towns for metropolitan areas. A lack of employment opportunities has caused Wellington’s population to dwindle.

    Part two of a five-part series on country communities in crisis. Reporting by Peter Devlin.

  • Crowdfunding for great justice

    Crowdfunding is set to provide access to the legal system to those who could otherwise not afford to seek justice. Photo: Ian Sanderson/Flickr, used under Creative Commons License.

    Online crowdfunding for legal cases could change the way we thing about law funding, Ninah Kopel writes.


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