• Sydney undergoes liquor law review

    Sydney undergoes liquor law review

    By: Taylah Felice, Former High Court Justice Ian Callinan will provide a report regarding the future of Sydney’s liquor laws this August. The Independent Review of Liquor Law Reforms will evaluate the impact lockout laws are having on the safety of Sydney, its nightlife culture, and businesses. The review has received over 1,800 submissions from interested bodies and persons who […]

  • No tracks for Central Coast high-speed rail

    No tracks for Central Coast high-speed rail

    By: Satria Dyer-Darmawan and Harry Morton, It’s 3:40 PM, the Newcastle and Central Coast train leaves Central Station in five minutes. The next service doesn’t arrive for another 30-minutes and the only way you’ll make this one is to run like Usain Bolt. Just as you enter the carriage “Doors closing. Please stand clear” rings overhead: you made it. By […]

  • Nando’s franchisee underpaid staff by $169.08 per shift

    Nando’s franchisee underpaid staff by $169.08 per shift

    By: Joshua Kindl A Canberra-based Nando’s franchisee failed to uphold appropriate workplace conditions by underpaying his employees by up to $169.08 per shift. Several former employees of Jerome Tyrell Selvan, owner of Nando’s Canberra Civic, reported they were underpaid by as much as $28.18 per hour during their employment with Mr Selvan. Tyler Grindal and Madeline Calo, both 19, are […]

  • Uber: driving us down a bad road?

    Photo: Flickr. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

    The ridesharing app has captured the imagination of urban dwellers and become the flagship of a new wave of disruptive innovation. However, endorsing its practices may threaten Australia’s social fabric, as Declan Bowring finds out.


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