• Low wages continue in aged care

    Low wages continue in aged care

    By Sharleen Kumar Australia’s aged care wages need to be addressed if the industry is to cope with the ageing population’s needs for more care workers. A report by the Australian Government Productivity Commission in 2013 estimated that by 2060, 25 per cent of the Australian population will be aged 65 and over. Aged care workers are now needed more […]

  • Sydney undergoes liquor law review

    Sydney undergoes liquor law review

    By: Taylah Felice, Former High Court Justice Ian Callinan will provide a report regarding the future of Sydney’s liquor laws this August. The Independent Review of Liquor Law Reforms will evaluate the impact lockout laws are having on the safety of Sydney, its nightlife culture, and businesses. The review has received over 1,800 submissions from interested bodies and persons who […]

  • No tracks for Central Coast high-speed rail

    No tracks for Central Coast high-speed rail

    By: Satria Dyer-Darmawan and Harry Morton, It’s 3:40 PM, the Newcastle and Central Coast train leaves Central Station in five minutes. The next service doesn’t arrive for another 30-minutes and the only way you’ll make this one is to run like Usain Bolt. Just as you enter the carriage “Doors closing. Please stand clear” rings overhead: you made it. By […]

  • Community sport losing ground

    Community sport losing ground

    By Jamie Feggans and Sarah Maynard Local sporting groups’ use of Sutherland Shire public school fields are at risk under policy changes made by the Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Agreements for community use of school fields were previously made between councils and individual school principals, allowing flexibility and security in the agreements. However, the new policy means more […]



    By Simon Meehan      For many people, coping with the death of a much loved pet is a difficult and challenging experience. “Pets are recognised as companion animals and their passing can have the same impact as losing a family member, according to Dr David Foote, veterinarian, counsellor and lecturer, whose specialises in grief counselling for pet loss. “Initially, people may […]

  • Vivid shows off their “Fountain” of Light

    Vivid shows off their “Fountain” of Light

    By David Gavin Martin Place will feature one of the more thought provoking light shows to be staged during this year’s Vivid festival starting on May 27th. The project, called ‘Fountain’, is a three metre high structure that will use light to depict the global birth rate in real time. The result is that every time someone is born around […]


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