Reportage is the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism’s (ACIJ) web magazine. It is dedicated to high- quality independent journalism.

The ACIJ is part of the University of Technology, Sydney  (UTS) which is a leader in postgraduate and undergraduate journalism in Australia. The ACIJ is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote high- quality journalism, particularly investigative journalism.

Reportage was founded in 1996 by Wendy Bacon and Peter Cronau, two award-winning Australian journalists, and was once published as a hardcopy magazine before it was brought online in 2001.

Like the ACIJ itself, Reportage is committed to the idea that the media can play a role in making those in power accountable to the public. No topic or question is beyond the boundaries of Reportage. Those with power include media companies which should also be critiqued and questioned.

Reportage publishes features, news items, in-depth analysis, photojournalism, essays and ongoing reportage of issues. Our journalism is guided by the journalists’ professional ethics. Our publication is constrained by the defamation and contempt laws of Australia.

Reportage strives to involve the public in open forums and encourages feedback on our stories. We recognise the importance of open dialogue and debate. We aim to fill some gaps in the media agenda and to give a voice to groups who struggle to be heard in the mainstream media.

Reportage is Sydney-based but our focus is on both national and international issues, engaging contributors from around the world.

Reportage is produced by professional journalists, members of the community, UTS staff as well as journalism students from several universities, including UTS,  New York University and the University of New South Wales.

We welcome contributions from anyone, in any country of the world. Submissions can be in the form of written articles, video, photos and podcasts.

Reportage has partnerships with several other independent media organisations, including 2SER 107.3 and Pacific.scoop.