The director of Les Misérables, Tom Hooper, spoke to Christina Ueltzen about the making of the film.

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There has been quite a buzz recently about the newly released musical movie Les Misérables with the words “Oscar” and “Academy Award” seemingly rolling off nearly everybody’s tongue.

While a handful of critics have given it mixed reviews, audiences tend to leave the film wanting to see it again.

The screen musical Les Misérables is based on the stage musical of the same name, which in turn is an adaptation of the novel written by Victor Hugo in 1862.

The story begins in France in 1815 and presents a multi-layered timeline of events, covering the themes of social injustice, class warfare and love.

However, the main thread throughout it is the character of the former convict Jean Valjean who breaks his parole and then tries to reestablish a new life as a “good citizen”, at the same time trying to avoid recapture by police officer Inspector Javert.

In this movie, Jean Valjean is played by Hugh Jackman and Inspector Javert by Russell Crowe — both are giving excellent performances under the guidance of director Tom Hooper.

Hooper has achieved previous acclaim for directing The King’s Speech, which won an Academy Award for best motion picture in 2011.

If you are looking for something to see at the cinema this year, then Les Miserables is the kind of film you are unlikely to forget in a hurry, and may want to revisit a couple more times due to its thematic richness and outstanding production values.

The film is a spectacular and dazzling production yet the sadness and tragedy of it isn’t lost in all the glitz.

One word of advice though if you go and see it: it is a tad on the long side, so you may want to keep that in mind before filling up on drinks.

Film director Tom Hooper. Photo: nick step / Foter / CC BY